Now is the time to join in an

Elevated & Soulful Spiritual Retreat


October 18-20, 2019
Lake Arrowhead, California

Join Cori Cauble, teacher & spiritual guide, at a beautiful retreat to be part of an amazing group of women searching for something “more” in life. Together we will relax, replenish, share, breathe, meditate, journal, move our bodies, and learn tools to help take control of your story and stop living based on lessons that you may have learned years ago. Oh, and the food! We will have our very own chef creating delectable meals paired with magical beverages!
This is a unique opportunity to connect with like minded women, fill up your soul and connect to spirit. If your intuition is telling you it’s right, now is the time to find the change you’re seeking.



The details…

  • Friday, Oct 18 - Sunday Oct 20

  • Beautiful, Modern Cabin in picturesque Lake Arrowhead, CA

  • Chef-Driven Gourmet Food & Beverages

  • Deeply Replenishing & Inspiring Activities

  • Intuitive Soulful Guidance

  • Rest, Relaxation & Rebooting

  • Guided Meditations

  • Energy Healing

  • Awareness Yoga

  • Re-Patterning : Tools to help you take control of your story and stop living based on lessons that you learned years ago


Meet Cori, Your Retreat Guide

Cori Cauble - Elevate with Cori

Cori Cauble - Elevate with Cori

Hi, I’m Cori Cauble and I believe that your inner guidance led you here! The time is right for you to set your life free and live to your fullest potential! And this retreat is the key that may help unlock that door.

My life is dedicated to helping people grow into their highest-self by learning to recognize the unconscious patterns they’ve learned throughout life, understand how to release them, and then finally how to create a ‘new story’ that helps guide their life in a new, peaceful way.

But here’s the hard truth about WHY I feel so called to do this work - I needed it myself! I too struggled most of my life by living in old, unhealthy, sometimes suffocating, out-dated patterns that I had accumulated along the path of life. So yes, I fully understand how you feel because I have been there too. But thankfully, somewhere along the way I started reading, learning, connecting, acknowledging, forgiving, allowing, and healing. And in time, after putting the pieces of my education puzzle together I started to truly feel better. I have learned (and continue to learn) that there are tools available that help us break out of the old stories, mindsets and patterns we feel stuck in. Today, I teach these lessons and understanding to others so that together we can all be more whole, true versions of our selves.

There IS hope. You CAN feel better. You CAN find peace. You CAN break free. I am here to help guide you to your new truth.


Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. There’s limited space in our beautiful cabin at the lake, so please sign up today.

take control of your life and step into the person you were meant to be with the life you were meant to live!