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Elevate Your Life
Do you think you are the cards you’ve been dealt?

Do you wish you could react or respond better?

Do you try to change but you find yourself in the old unwanted feeling and situations?

Would you like to have the tools and the power to change your patterns, the ones that no longer serve you?

Then you are in the right place.

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Cori has been an amazing and fantastic asset to me and my life. She has kindly listened to me and has created a safe and trusting place for me to express my ideas with her. She is unbiased and remains focused throughout our time together. She has the wonderful ability to identify the deeply rooted, subconscious behaviors we habitually manifest and help us detangle the limiting, old beliefs from our core beliefs and refocus our energy into our higher, more enlightened self/existence. She is kind, understanding, gentle and good at what she does. I’m sure she’ll be able to help pretty much anyone align with their true self and manifest a much more satisfying and loving life.
— -Theo
Having had experience with a great number of healers, Cori and her work stands out as one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Her multilayered approach to healing deep-seated unconscious beliefs that limit one’s ability to fully align with one’s highest potential , is unparalleled. Her guidance is loving , masterful and intuitive, and each session with Cori leaves me deeply transformed. She is truly a gift to this world. Working with her will transform you at a rapid rate.
— Rachel C
Cori assisted in opening my interior design firm and home décor retail space in Los Alamitos, Ca. This was my first entrepreneurial venture and Cori provided me with a step by step process and firm guidelines, all along aligning me with my highest desired outcome. She created an S.O.P and helped me create my company culture. Cori guided my employee training program and full implementation of the company structure. Cori has a vast amount of information about life and business and can see existing problems and patterns for fast breakthroughs. She also has an intuitive view into potential future issues and quickly guides people into the solution, keeping the company culture in mind all along. I’m grateful for her expertise and execution because it has created the incredible foundation of my business.
— Allie W.



Cori Cauble is an intuitive awareness trainer and pattern healer that has a unique deep hearing for unconscious patterns, limited beliefs, roadblocks and your highest true divine self. Cori developed this process to heal her own wounds and pains, re-wire and to expand and live in her higher consciousness. She helps you identify your subconscious patterns and wirings, override your triggers and automatic responses and connects you to your healthiest elevated self, allowing for you to live in the present and consciously more powerfully and authentically. Through conscious conversation and her 3 Step Elevation Process Cori quickly teaches you to start living your desired expanded life. Transformation and expansion for living aware and present with conscious choice is Cori’s life's work and commitment.



Cori spent her entire life creating this process to heal and elevate herself and others, she has assisted 100’s of individuals and businesses for a multitude of expanded outcomes over the past 20 years. This process is transformational and curated for each person and business needs. Call to set up your meeting today. The time is now. Live the life you desire.



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