The Elevated Process

Trademarked by Cori Cauble


What is repatterning?

Identifying, unhooking, overriding and consciously choosing to live in the present moment is how we repattern. Our past patterns and beliefs are interfering in our ability to live in the present moment, they collude our reality and prevent us in clearly seeing what’s true. We live automatically by the system that got created from our early child and adult experiences, positive and or negative. If we do not see these deep subtle patterns the seed they come from they will stay hidden and in our subconscious and by not seeing them, they stay active and are easily triggered and automatically being used. We listen to our body and our feelings to dictate our responses and actions. If we have subconscious patterns even the healed ones and we don’t choose to not use them anymore, then they will automatically stay activated and fire inside because no one zapped them out. Stop using the old patterns by having awareness of them and then unhooking by saying no thank you, and then connecting to the present from you highest self and from that present location take conscious elevated action and then re-patterning occurs. Peace of mind, empowerment, consciousness and presence is some of the outcomes of this process.



Awareness- the foundation and a direct link to being present and higher conscious action. Seeing your unconscious patterns allows for them to come out of the dark and into the light so you can see them and make a choice to stop automatically using them. As a human we hold on to the old wirings and patterns of the past. Even if we outgrow them. They stay in our subconscious and they become automatic. When they wire together they fire together, the past automatically occurs in the present. I don’t think most people are taught this and what the impact of this actually means in our lives. The wirings become patterns, beliefs and feelings, thoughts and experiences, all collected in our young mind. This becomes an automatic unconscious way of being in the now. If you have not deeply looked into these unconscious patterns, then they automatically run your life. They choose who you trust, sometimes who you love, how you react, who your attracted to and the filter of how you see the world.  

The awareness that is needed to see the subconscious patterns are not surface patterns or a surface awareness. It’s deep in the subconscious and not linear, like roots under a tree deep underground no longer being able to see the seed. The rational thinking doesn’t typically access this part of the memory. I am not a scientist or a psychologist but I am an enthusiast of the mind, the body, the spirit and the cosmos.

What we know is that the mind will protect the wound or the pattern in a neural net that is connected to our central nervous system and it shows up without any permission needed. These rooted subconscious patterns are in the same area of your mind of where you first learned things, i.e. a chair, a bed, a door. The same time of your life you learned what love was- weak and strong or what trust is and so on and so on. So much of this is vital and supported you to survive and benefit you, but some no longer serve you. I am never saying not to trust or to listen to your intuition or your gut, I am saying you have an automatic operating system and it is automatically colluding your present life without your awareness or permission. So, I created a process to help keep yourself out of the dark and prevent repeating patterns that no longer serve you over and over again. The time is now to get to know who you are. This is the first step and the door opener to being more present and making conscious choices.




Being Present- a word that is being tossed around very loosely right now. It doesn’t mean a surface awareness of where you are or what you feel. It is a subtle way of being. A connection to your energy source within you. Present to your automatic operating system and being in a neutral, observer space in the moment. So being present takes an awareness and a deep connection to you and source.


This part is vital to the real shift inside of us- if you act from your True Operation System and not from your Original Operating System, you will produce the powerful part of this equation that enables the real change. Because if we use the Original Operating System of being unaware or even if we are aware and do the opposite or ignore it or choose the stronger version of it, our True Operating System will not engage or allow for real long term change.

The neutral mind is so beautiful but slippery to access, just for the mere fact we are surviving human beings. We are born with three minds- negative, positive and neutral and have a tendency to live either in a positive or negative outlook. Some ancient Yogic beliefs are that it takes many, many years of intention, meditation and connection to become a master at this. The first step in this process of awareness allows for an opening to your observer self and neutral mind, if you strengthen this area then it can easily act as guide to being more present and using more of your free will and not just the automatic. Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogi Bhajan is believed to be one of the greatest practices to direct access of developing a neutral and present mind. The neutral mind, if strengthened, allows for the Yogi inside of all of us to be more accessible and easily used.



Conscious Action

I LOVE Conscious Action- it’s so empowering and gets the results we want. Once we get to the place of being present and not using the Original Operating System and being a true observer from a neutral mind to now the True Operating System that allows for a new neuro pathway to be developed. Now, there are some gamma frequencies that when activated by the meditative energetic system in intention and found in Mutual Awakening by Patricia Albere, will allow for this direct new muscle to be activated and developed. But just like any other muscle, you must use it and develop it until it becomes the new subconscious and over rides the old subconscious.


I used myself as a study and what I learned is that awareness without presence and conscious choice didn’t create the long term changes for me.  I tried so many ways to change my attraction to unhealthy people and to actions. Elevating my consciousness for me has been an enriching experience and more than a state of mind but a connection to my energy source and infinite. Seeing my mind, my patterns and the ego in observation and then connecting to the source feels full of love, compassion and connectedness. The Elevation Process can help bring all of this to you.